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New projects

Lebedev A.D. - General Director of CJSC "Seliger-Holding”, Zyuzin B.F. - Dean of the "Management of natural resources and Engineering ecology” faculty.

What can be done in the existing situation?

Our invincible belief it is necessary to draw attention to local resources. Primarily it is peat and waste products from wood’s processing for the Tver region. In this regard, the Finland experience is very useful, Finland in its turn benefited from the Soviet Union experience and has achieved excellent results. Currently 24% of heat and electricity in the overall balance is generated from peat and wood waste in a neighboring northern country.

The President of Russia appeals to modernize the country in reliance on the Russian innovative projects. We declare with full liability: such projects are existing! Tver scientists and entrepreneurs, ready to do the implementation of these long-term innovations for the economy, propose it.

Project № 1

Production of communally-domestic fuel (Russian fuel granule) with a caloricity not less than 3500 kcal / kg and soil improver (peat ameliorant with a water-soluble salts of humic acids (humates) content, which is not less than 30% on a dry basis) and peat sorbents for localization of oil blowout and water-treating for boiler-houses. Volume of investments is 70 mln., payback period is 1.5-2 years, volume of production is 20 tons per year.

Project № 2
Creation of power-center (Mini Heating Electrical Station). Raw material is the same Russian fuel granule. Our Mini Heating Electrical Stations are able to produce heat and electricity for micropolitans, small and mid-level productions. The quantity of electricity produced per year is 6,698,000 kW. Payback period of project is 2 years.

Project № 3
The technology of diesel fuel production from peat is according to all-Union State Standard 3-05-82. Factory for production of such fuel with a cost about 50 million rubles will be able to produce 2,000 tons per year annually and will earn its keep within three years.

By the way
For example, it has been established a convenient system of legislative environment for investment process in the Ulyanovsk region. Investors, realizing projects in the territory of region, have a right to pretend to the following forms of government support in case of status acquisition with highest priority:
- Subsidies from the regional budget of the Ulyanovsk region to recover the expenditures connected with redemption of land property and expenditures connected with payments for patch-in and technical connection with networks of engineering support.
- Establishment of reduced tax rate of tax on the profit of organizations in a part, due to the regional budget for 5 years. - Tax discrimination on transport tax for 5 years.

Agro-industrial districts

We also propose our variation of support and yield of a new qualitative level of agricultural production. Establishment of agro-industrial districts in the region's territory may help to solve the problem, in our opinion. District can combine industrial enterprises into a unified complex, especially processing, and agricultural producers. Herewith district, according to our idea, have to become self-sufficing and provide it selves (more precisely, enterprises within its territory) with heat, electricity, fuel for agricultural producers. Such a district can be organized on the example of one of the region’s districts with existing natural resources (peat) and desire of district’s leadership to implement this project. Of course, legislators assistance is required. Additional legislative preferences for investors should be created for an agro-industrial district. Similar examples already exist in some regions of the Russian Federation.

Establishment of agro-industrial district in the Tver region may give an impulse to mechanic engineering, peat industry, agriculture. There is also a place where it could be implemented: the Orsha village in Kalininsky district. Using the above mentioned projects, which all are entirely based on Russian patented technologies, it is possible to achieve a serious progress in increase of qualitative products and social arrangement of populated locality in the agricultural district’s territory, and subsequently to spread this experience in other counties and districts of the region.